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Our story

Safety, Security for Drinking & Reclaimed water

The founders of Aqua-Q Ulla & Sudhir Chowdhury realised that now is the proper time for creative ideas to mitigate the global water shortage due to climate change, drought & water contamination. Ulla and Sudhir took the initiative 2022 to establish and registered a foundation Swedish Water Foundation. The novel mission to raise funds, to work in co-operation with other likeminded individuals, companies, corporates, other foundations to create a platform so that safe & clean water can be offered to everyone fulfilling the UNs global goals specific No. 6.

Ulla & Sudhir Chowdhury, from Stockholm two water industry professionals started Aqua-Q a Swedish Cleantech SME in 1992. The founders have gained extensive experience and knowledge from Swedish water & wastewater treatment, quality & monitoring as consulting & applied research.

During 20132016 AquaQ participated in an EUfunded research & demonstration project R3Water. The founders got the opportunity to develop, Early waring & sampling system for testing, demonstration & verified two groundbreaking standalone technical innovations for the safety of drinking water & quality control of safe reuse of water/reclaimed water.

Participates in several national & international EU-projects and have received several prestigious technical awards and recognitions.