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About Our Work

What we do

We perform bench scale batch applied research studies and based on results pilot scale demonstration projects are together with endusers & researchers to study the treatability and performance of the water.

The main goal is to eliminate/reduce pharmaceutical residues, pathogens & micro pollutants in drinking & treated wastewater for safe reuse of water. This work has resulted in the present innovation and patents which is the foundation stone of Swedish Water Foundation.

AQUATRACK® Early Warning System is created in an EU project to mitigate, the substantial threat from water contamination in combination with modular energy efficient, lowcost ozone polishing system to provide a powerful process for water quality management to have better control of both pathogens & pharmaceutical residues in treated wastewater. AQUATRACK® is now EU ETV verified to online monitor the MBR, MBBR, STP and SBR effluent quality & water for reuse.

1. Online realtime optical water quality monitoring & automatic sampling system AQUATRACK®. Enables Early Warning for micropollutants & sampling in water. EUETV verified.

2. Automatic selfcontained modular Ozone Polishing System for online elimination of pharmaceutical residues and pathogens in treated wastewater/reclaimed water.

1 & 2 can be combined to AQUARENOVATE.

Process safety & consumer security is the creative, innovative & groundbreaking solution AQUARENOVATE for safety & security in treated wastewater.

Aqua-Q – India Innovations’ Accelerator

Micropollutants in treated wastewater – MBR Effluent!

Early Warning & cost-effective ozone polishing from the effluent of a MBR process can prevent disease and infection spreading.